The conic hand and its characteristics

The conic hand is extremely beautiful to look at. The hand is long and fingers are also long and tapering as well as pointed. The person with conic shape of hand is extremely intelligent by nature and good at everything that needs imagination. The person with conic shape of hand do well in the field of art, dance, music, singing, fine art and anything which requires extreme imagination and brain power. They are good at grasping everything. They are quick learner and very receptive. The conic shape hand is also called synonymously artistic hand.

Though it is necessary to be an artist or a painter who has conic hand, but, the possessor definitely keeps interest in all artistic things. These people are imaginative, more or less artistic, emotional and analytical. They love to lead the life in beautiful surrounding. They are very sensitive by nature. If the line of head is long and thumb is strong then the possessor will be definitely successful in the field of artistic pursuit. Such palms are very soft and fleshy which indicates laziness. If laziness is not avoided by means of strong will power it will definitely bring a lot of hindrances in getting achievement in life. It is seen with many people having conic shape of hand those simply kill the time in spite of their artistic ability rather than making effort to get achievement.

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